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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 29, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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other agents of change, please go to and join me on my life stream at see my videos, blogs and tweets and behind-the-scenes photos. i'm dr. sanjay gupta. we'll see you back here next sunday. you're in the cnn newsroom. it is january 29th. i'm fredricka whitfield. oakland, california, assesses the damage today after a night of violence. police and occupy protesters clashed in the streets yet. police say it started after demonstrators tried to take over a vacant convention center. they say the violence escalated from there and protesters broke into city hall, damaging displays and burning an american flag. police responded with tear gas, bullets and smoke grenades. more than 100 protesters were arrested after they entered a ymca there.
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oakland's mayor says there's no excuse for this behavior. >> it's time, i think, for the occupy movement to take a stand on whether this behavior, this kind of behavior that has nothing to do with the 99% movement, can -- should be tolerated. >> protesters say it's not over and plan to continue today with what they call a rise up festival at an area park. on the east coast, washington, d.c., an occupy protesters have been warned to stop camping in two parks near the white house or they could be arrested. athena jones joins us from one of the parks, mcpherson square. when are they going to start moving people out of that area? >> that's the thing, fredricka, according to the national park service they put up this release on friday to indicate some of the violations the demonstrators here, the rules they've been breaking since early october when they set up tam camp here.
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know around noon park police will come in and if camping violations are observed, don't have a right to camp here, not supposed to sleep here or bed down in any way, come in here and find these violations are present, then the people who are violating may be arrested. some things unclear, according to the park police, they say people just to remove all camping material from the park which means sleeping bags and other belongings and then leave one side of all temporary structures open at all times. you can see this is sea of tents behind me, there's a lot of questions as to whether let's say if we just open one side of the tents make sure there's no sleeping bags in there will they tear them down? it's unclear what's going to happen. some of the demonstrators behind me are holding a meeting to decide hu to proceed and how to handle the actions tomorrow when the police come, how to handle themselves, whether to engage in civil disobedience, being determined at some level here. >> is the issue that mcpherson square is only a couple blocks
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from the house and the proximity that's at issue here, not necessarily that if there are demonstrators in other portions of washington, that that's not a problem? >> the issue seems to be the idea of allowing people to camp here long term. many have been here since the beginning of october. it's caused some headaches are to the city and you have this house had hearing last week on the house oversight committee, representative daryl isaac saying this can't be allowed to go on and the park police are now stepping in to take action. we have spoken to some people here and they say we're here to stay, they're going to do what they have to do, we'll do what we have to do. let's listen to what one told us. >> we'll be here. we're going to continue to occupy this space and spaces across the country until we have redress of the issues we're discussing with our elected officials and financial institutions. we're going to continue our protests as long as it takes.
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>> reporter: and so that's what people have been telling us, they're going to be here. what being here will look like over the coming days is really the big question. one more thing i want to tell you, we spoke with a chaplain, the protest chaplain, one of the members of the faith community who have been involved in this movement since early on and he says that several church around here are considering whether to step in, provide places for some of the demonstrators to sleep so they can come out and maintain a 24-hour vigil, won't be sleeping on-site but still protesting. one protester i talked to, said i plan on staying here and not sleeping for as long as possible. talking about a sleep strike and playing games. interesting to see how they respond and what they do, how they carry on this protest over the coming days. >> all right. athena jones, thanks so much. appreciate that. just in to cnn, a jury returns a verdict in what's being called an honor murder. case in canada.
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three teenage sisters and one of their father's wives found dead in a car under water. prosecutors put the father and the mother and their son on trial for the killings. moments ago, a jury found the accused guilty of first-degree murder. back in this country now, republican presidential pursuit, presidential candidate newt gingrich is campaigning in florida today, one day after getting a rather big endorsement from a former rival. herman cain threw his support behind the former house speaker days before florida's primary. >> i hearby officially and enthusiastically endorse newt gingrich for president of the united states! >> cain suspended his campaign in december. republican presidential hopeful rick santorum is not in florida. and he has canceled all his
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campaign events for today. because he had to rush home to pennsylvania after his 3-year-old daughter was admitted to a hospital in philadelphia. she suffers a jen etic disorder. he is running a distant third in florida polling. and big developments in a medical mystery upstate in upstate new york, rather. environmental activists erin brokovich is joining others to find out what's going on in the town of lee roy. more than a dozen students from the same school are suffering from uncontrollable verbal outbursts and twitching. brokovich's team was turned away from the high school but collected water samples from elsewhere in the town. since fall, the case has baffled doctors, infuriated parents and gotten a lot of national attention. happening right now in northern florida, interstate 75 is closed after a string of crashes overnight killing at
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least nine people. officials tell us the highway will be closed in that area for most of the day. the sheriff's office says visibility was poor because of smoke from a nearby brush fire. and it's not just a problem in florida. fire warnings are in alabama and georgia as well. jacqui jeras joining us from the weather center. what's going on? >> the fire danger elevated across much of the southeast, fredricka. we're under the extremely dry air mass, high pressure has settled into the region, so humidities are very low. down into the teens here across parts of alabama and georgia. that's why the red flag warnings are in effect here. and then we're looking at more like 20 to 30%, still considered extremely low, across central fire and this fire weather watch now in central florida including tampa bay area has been extended through your monday. so they're asking people not to do any outdoor burning as it's a dangerous situation just play by those good safety rules. >> all right. thanks so much, jacqui. now let's talk money, shall
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we? ladies, listen to this. the salary disparities still exist in the american work force. according to the business journals, the despair itty is worse in detroit, according to their research. the median earnings for men more than $47,000. for women, more than $29,000. we come back find out where women seem to be catching up with men as it pertains to salaries. dinner? candles? i wanted it to be special. oh, what's this? it's progresso's new loaded potato with bacon. mmm, it's good. honey, i love you and... oh my gosh, oh my gosh.. look at these big pieces of potato. yeah but honey, i love you and... is that what i think it is...
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u.n. nuclear inspectors are in iran today, it's an unusually high level delegation from the iaea. the chief inspector and deputy general directors are there and more on their mission in a moment ja before the break i told you about the big earnings gap between men and women. according to business journals, it's pretty bad. in detroit, men with a median annual salary of $47,000 to women at $29,000. it's more encouraging scenario in the san francisco/oakland area according to biz journals this area has the smallest wage disparity. median earnings for men, almost $53,000, women more than $41,000. so women, you've heard for most of your career you're not making as much as the men in your office, so what can you try to do to level that playing field? deborah, the author "the go
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getter girl's guide" joins me. you say sometimes it's in the asking or maybe even in the demanding. if you're to learn that a male cohort is making more money sometimes that's secret. >> it usually is. choosing to negotiate. we see these statistics where in 942 major markets men are making usually 30% more, sometimes more than 100% more. >> oh, my goodness. >> contrast this to the new lee search showing women are asking for raises or promotions, just not getting it. and we don't know why that is. we hear the president talk about equal pay for equal work. some things that need to be done in the governmental, legal, corporate levels but want to empower women to make the decisions and ask for the raise and promotion? how do you do that? sometimes it's hard to toot your horn, sometimes difficult to demand i deserve more. >> first thing, gather your arsenal. you have to know what are other people making that do the same work you do, go to sites like
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sala, what is the going rate for your job and duties and also you want to quantify your accomplishments. you never get a raise because you think you need it or think you should get it. >> just because you want it. >> show what you're doing is contributing to the bottom line. you want it to show how many customers, revenue you're bringing in, saving the company money in terms of productivity and efficiency, things to gather before you go into the meeting. >> present that in the form of a pitch and you need to rehearse that, stand in the mirror and say this what is i'm going to say. >> i would practice the pitch in front of the mirror, mentor or a friend and anticipate what the counter arguments are going to be and also gain the confidence for when you go into the meeting. >> okay. think like a tiger mom. made famous by the book. >> exactly. research has shown women feel more comfortable negotiating on behalf of a third party i don't know if you can relate to this as a mom, as a mom i was doing everything i could to get my kid into the preschool we wanted, to
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get into. >> stressful. >> yes. very stressful. and brings out your sort of natural inner negotiator acting like an agent on behalf of someone else. if you can channel that mindset. >> at all costs. this is going to happen. >> yes, channel the mindset in terms of your creativity and assertiveness in making that argument as an advocate for yourself as you would for a third party. and you hear you're discouraged, don't want to try it again, don't take it as a no, not now. which means try it again. >> exactly. this is your opportunity, first of all pat yourself on the back, you got in and sda did this. women who negotiate their salaries earn over 1 million more over the course of your careers. second, you want to use the opportunity as a who, what, when, where, why, what can you do specifically to get yourself to be reconsidered for this raise or promotion over the course of the next three, six, nine months and have a backup plan, of things that maybe it's a new title, professionalal
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development, on working on a coveted project to help you move your career forward, maybe not in the monetary sense but reexamine that a few months down the road. >> it is tough to start that process. >> yes. >> and you really got to develop that inner courage and confidence and just do it. >> absolutely. >> the worst you could hear is not now, not a no. >> exactly. when in doubt blurt it out and go for it. >> deborah, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> good to see you. >> nearly 60 people now are dead in syria. that's just today. top international headlines next.
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all right. iran on the defensive saying its nuclear perhaps is peaceful. inspectors are there to see themselves. a team from the iaea arrived in tehran. the agency's director said two days ago he's not sure iran is being completely transparent. the united states and australia both ramped up sanctions against iran this week. another day of street violence and dozens of deaths in syria. this man was reportedly shot in a damascus neighborhood in a clash with government forces. an opposition activist group says at least 62 people were killed today in the capital and in other cities. yesterday, the arab league stopped its monitoring mission saying it was simply too
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dangerous. j and this is just in, to cnn, the verdict is guilty, a jury in canada convict ed an immigrant from afghanistan, his wife and son for killing four members of their family for being too westernized. other news happening in the u.s. in alabama police responded to a robbery call in birmingham and found five people dead inside the home. it is a homicide investigation. the cause of death has not been released. maine police confirm blood was found in the home of a missing toddler, illah reynolds. authorities say the next step is to determine who the blood belongs top to. reynolds was 20 months old when her father reported her missing. thousands of people in maryland went for a dip in the chilly waters of the chesapeake bay. the annual polar bear plunge a
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charity event sponsored by state police in support of the special olympics. everyone admits it's hard to stick to new year's resolutions if your goal is to lose some extra pounds. our tech expert mark saltsman joined gary tuchman yesterday with some health and kind of fitness gadgets to help you stay on track. >> strive is a small two inch gadget you can clip on to your clothes or attach to your key chain and it's really a three-part product. one is it's a pedometer, so it measures your steps with your walking, running, climbing stairs. the other part it's a game. you're unlocking rewards in this game called my land, as an extra incentive to exercises and the third part is basically a fitness motivator with games, it has unlockable trophies for reaching milestones and the more you exercise, the more money that is sent to charity says the
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company. not out of your pocket. it does cost $99 for the product. but they say once you reach certain goals money is donated to various organizations. >> bathroom scales normally don't sound high tech but this is the first wi-fi bathroom scale. >> that's right. this is really for convenience sake. what this wi-fi bathroom scale does, from a french health technology company, it automatically uploads your information to a password protected website or to an app, so it measures your weight, body mass index, and you also can set goals. again it's not just showing you this graph or chart, which it can do, but set goals for yourself and monitor your progress. that's how it works and if you want, depending on the type of person you are and how open you are with your friends you can also have this information such as your weight loss, unloaded automatically to social networks like twitter or facebook.
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so you're essentially broadcasting your progress as an extra incentive. for more high-tech ideas and reviews go to and look for the game and gadgets tab or follow mark on facebook, twitter and linkedin. occupy protests on both sides of the country are stepping up again. what police are doing to try to get a handle on the situation.
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apparently your spending is boosting the economies and the job market may be looking up. our money team is keeping an eye on it for you. start with felicia taylor in new york. >> hey, fredricka. the economy picked up steam at the end of 2010. the government said this past week that gdp grew in the fourth quarter at a 2.8% annual rate. helped by rising consumer spending. that's the fastest in more than a year but wall street expected even better. the economy grew a little bit more in each quarter as 2011 progressed but the growth rate for the year was just 1.7%. analysts are expecting gdp to be better than that this year, but still far from robust because of europe's debt crisis. poppy has a look at what's coming up in business news. poppy? >> thanks so much.
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we're coming to you this week from the world economic forum in davos, switzerland. looking ahead to next week in the united states we'll get the january jobs report. it is the first reading of the new year. 2011 ended on a high note with 200,000 jobs added in december. the unemployment rate fell to its lowest level in nearly three years. last week the federal reserve it is more optimistic about the labor market than a few months ago. policymakers expect the jobless rate to average between 8.2 and 8.5% this year. we'll track it all for you leading up to that jobs report on friday. find it all on cnn money. back to you. >> thanks so much, ladies. checking our top stories, occupy protests on both sides of the country, in washington, d.c., protesters must stop camping in two parks near the white house or face arrest. national park service has been distributing flyers warning protesters. on the west coast, oakland, california, assesses the damage today after a night of violence.
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more than 100 protesters were arrested after clashing with police. happening in northern florida, interstate 75 is closed after a string of crashes overnight killing at least nine people. officials tell us the highway will be closed in that area for most of the day. the sheriff's office says visibility was poor because of smoke from a nearby brush fire. and a community's symbol of strength and compassion today enters a new era of healing. the hospital in joplin, missouri, took a direct tornado hit last year. today it's being demolished. coming up at 5:00, i'll talk to somebody who knows first hand about the town's healing process. i'm fredricka whitfield. back in one hour. wolf blitzer will be joining me to talk about the gop debate. he moderated in jacksonville. then it's on to las vegas. republicans will be caucusing there in nevada. nevada's biggest newspapers already endorsing their favorite
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candidates. more of that straight ahead. time for your money.
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